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Ear Wax Removal in Newry, Belfast & Across Northern Ireland

We provide ear wax removal services across Northern Ireland. Our main method is microsuction ear wax removal which is among the safest method of ear cleaning.

Private Ear Syringing

Ear syringing is an outdated method of earwax removal. we offer microsuction or irrigation as a replacement for ear syringing. It is far safer and more comfortable.

Ear Wax Removal in Your Own Home

We also offer ear wax removal in your own home, if you can’t come to us, we will come to you.We provide earwax removal across County Down, County Armagh and County Antrim. Simply call us to enquire about the service in your area. Home ear wax removal costs an extra £15.

Microsuction earwax removal

Microsuction Earwax Removal

We offer instant micro-suction ear wax removal in our specially designed earcare suite. Microsuction is probably one of the safest methods of ear cleaning, there are no liquids involved, therefore there is no mess and little fuss. It can usually be done the day we see you with no preparation, however, occasionally, it might need two sessions depending on the hardness of the ear wax

Price: £40.00 for one ear, £60 for two

Manual ear wax removal

Wax removal With Instruments

Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of wax is with the use of specialist instruments. Using high-powered magnification (Loupes) it is often possible to remove wax and other obstructions without the need for suction, or water.

Price: €40.00 for one ear, £60 for two

Irrigation ear wax removal

Irrigation Ear Wax Removal

Ear Syringing? No, this is the latest and safest method of ear wax removal with water. We use a specialist medical irrigation machine to gently wash the wax out of your ear canal. You will need to use oil for a couple of days before this procedure. Most people find this method of ear cleaning very comfortable. Depending on how well you have been using your oil, this procedure can be really quick

Price: £40.00 for one ear, £60 for two

What are the symptoms of an ear wax build up?

There are several symptoms of ear wax buildup including hearing loss. Here are the symptoms of hearing loss:

  1. Earache, as earwax builds up it can press against the ear canal causing pain
  2. Hearing loss, earwax can swell and completely block the ear canal especially if you have just gone swimming or had a shower
  3. Itchiness in the ear
  4. Dizziness
  5. Tinnitus

Looking For Ear Wax Removal in Newry, Belfast or Across Northern Ireland?

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