Made For Any Phone Hearing AidsMade For Any Phone Hearing Aids

Unitron Discover Hearing Aids

Unitron, who are one of the smaller mainstream hearing aid brands, introduced their new Discover hearing aids to both professionals and consumers alike a couple of months ago. The Discover platform is their answer to, or version of, the Phonak Marvel. Unitron and Phonak, their sister company both share hardware. What Unitron does with the hardware tends to be different from what Phonak does.

Two Hearing Aids

For the first time ever, Unitron didn’t launch a full set of Receiver In Canal (RIC) devices. There will be a size 312 traditional battery RIC and a lithium-ion powered RIC at launch. The devices are available in four levels of technology so there is a level to suit every budget.

Made For Any Phone

The devices are Made For Any Phone hearing aids which will mean a seamless stereo connection to any Bluetooth enabled cell phone or sound source. You will be able to take calls just by pressing a button on the hearing aid. Here’s one of the videos that Unitron has talking about the Discover platform.

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