At Blueberry Hearing we provide a friendly family orientated professional service and we all work hard to achieve the same goal, to help our patients and their families achieve a much-improved quality of life through better hearing.

When someone has a hearing loss, it does not only impact them but all the people around them including all of their friends and loved ones. We view all our patients as we would do to any of our own family members who deserve our highest level of service, care and attention at all times.

Here at Blueberry Hearing, we are committed to help you with not only your hearing aids but with the support that you require. FREE aftercare services for the life of your hearing aids including rehabilitation journey that is developed for your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on being different from other providers with our unique positive approach focusing on the solution and less on the problem. By taking this positive approach, we offer solutions combined with the current developments in technology resulting in lifting the stigma associated with hearing loss. The solutions are so tailor made that they are quite ‘invisible’. They automatically connect to all of your devices and do not require any intervention from yourself.